This is a big investment of your time, money, and business so ASK away. We've both invested in education before and have left feeling underwhelmed. We've also left feeling like we're on cloud 9 and can take on the world/our business. We want the latter for you. So ask the questions and make sure this is the most perfect fit possible. 

we know you have q's 

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it all started with my camera.

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Will I have lifetime access to my classes?
Heck yes, once you’re in you will be able to rewatch as many times as you’d like!

Right now is a busy time for me, do I need to follow week by week or can I go at my own pace? This is a totally self paced course! Whether you watch it in one day Netflix style or wait until this winter- you do you. 

How much is the course? 
It’s $897 and that includes 8 unique modules, comprising of 21 videos. 

Are updates free? 
Any updates to this current version of the course are free for students! 

Can we pay in installments?
Of course! Upon checkout you'll see the different options listed out. 

How long is each video? 
While each video varies the average length is 15-60 min. Some being two hours long.

Are we including teaching notes? 
We don’t include individual teaching notes but, each lesson is accompanied by a powerpoint to make following along/ additional note taking easy. Many lessons also include a worksheet to dive deeper into the content as it applies to your business.

I’m new to business. Is that okay? 
Absolutely! Whether you’re starting at square one or a few years in we can’t wait to join you along for the ride. 

Can we contact you for help and questions?
The spirit of this program is to be a crash course in business and not an individual mentorship. We will have an active Facebook group available for questions and to facilitate community for our students. We’re hoping to offer one on one mentorship options in the future as well as continuing to share content on social media. For any technical issues with the course you’re always welcome to send us a message!

Will this course teach me how to use my camera? 
This program focuses on the business end and not technical use of gear. If you need any great recommendations we’re happy to share them!

Is this only for wedding photographers? Absolutely not! While we both come from a wedding background and use examples from our experience. This is for any kind photographer. 

Is this course in person? 
All lessons are located online. 

What makes this course different? 
We’re spilling it all. We know there are ton of great educators out there (that we love!) but our goal was to create a crash course in business specifically with the Midwest in mind. We’ve found that much of the general content out there doesn’t meld easily with our region. As two born and raised Hoosiers we thought who better than to love on our fellow photogs? We’re covering everything from Midwest values and personal branding to wedding day etiquette and how to build a business around the life you want.


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