It's busy season. You have 100 family photos to edit. Does their skin-tone look right? Shoot now the green tones are wonky. Crap now is it too magenta? 

If you have this internal monologue - WE FEEL YOU.  The editing pit of despair is all too real sometimes.There's so many buttons, options, tips and hacks.  What's going to make the image better and what's going to make your editing life faster? 

Meg has the best eyeballs for editing tricks to elevate your images, perfecting color and refining your quality of work, while Morgan is a speedy queen who knows all the key commands and efficient ways to get things done. Needless to say, combine us and we are going to blow your Lightroom's mind. 

editing & lightroom tricks workshop

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Join us on August 16th @ 10am EST. We will be hosting on Zoom so we can screen record - even if you can't make it, register below so we can send you the recording! 

August 16th @ 10am est

your fave midwest photographers

We're Morgan and Meg! We bonded almost a whole decade ago when we were newbies in the industry and struggling to find (and educate) ourselves as business owners in the Midwest market. There was ZERO education out there that catered to this landscape & people, so we made a course full of content we couldn't find elsewhere. 

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"I literally was like, I need a guiding hand and I don't know where to start. This course layout was EVERY topic and then some that I was needing. Meant. To. Be." 

Megan C. 

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Tuesday, August 16th @ 10am 

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