hoosiers born & raised

10 years as photogs

enneagram 8 & 7

We're Morgan and Meg! We bonded almost a whole decade ago when we were newbies in the industry and struggling to find (and educate) ourselves as business owners in the Midwest market. After years of growing our businesses separately, we're coming together to show you how to make your business soar. 

'ope you found us

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it all started with my camera.

about us


After a decade in the industry, I’m here to teach you the keys to creating boundaries within your business and personal branding. We’ll talk vulnerability, how to rock Kelvin and harsh midwestern light, and how to create a sustainable and successful business you love without it taking over your life. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader (hey Enneagram 7), and show you the ropes of streamlined communication, an organized business and workflow, and super happy clients - so you can get back to your family and adventures.


With 200+ weddings and a team of associates, I’m here to teach you how to scale and grow your business. Let’s talk lead generation, how your website should be a sales funnel, branding, and pricing strategies until you’re bringing in 6 figures and championing your clients.

As an Enneagram 8 I don’t sugar-coat anything but I’ll teach you how to hustle without depleting energy, champion and market specifically to your midwest clients and prep for anything the Midwest landscape/weather throws at you. 

We created education based off of what we couldn't find elsewhere

summer camp