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From workflows to websites, from ACTUAL work/life balance to figuring out your cost of business, this isn't just another photography course where we tell you to "raise your prices" and be on your way. This is for you, our flyover state photographers. The one with the rainy days, harsh light and a market that might be a bit more stubborn than most. 

After a decade in the photography industry, we still weren't finding education that catered to the unique Midwest market. We're here to change that for you. 

is long overdue. 

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it all started with my camera.

about us

If you're anything like us, you grabbed a camera to solve that creative itch or gain a new fun hobby. Then you realized you could actually make an income doing what you love. 

But then? Then there was marketing. Trying to figure out your paychecks. Your workflow. Taxes. It became a business. But you don't feel like a business person. You feel like a creative. 


And when you try to tackle a business problem? The advice and education aren't relevant to where you are and who your clients are. Mountain elopements and desert lighting litter the socials. Are you feeling left out? We were. 


It's a familiar feeling as a business owner- feeling stagnant, stuck, or just confused as to where to head with your business. Social is littered with destination elopements and the latest trends. One day you want to travel the world and grow your business. The next day, you are wishing for more weekends off. 

Just a heads up - you CAN do it all.  You can love your market. You can travel. You don't have to work day in and day out. It takes time to craft a career that highlights YOUR version of success. But it's possible. We've done it.  It's time to bloom where you were planted. 

Ready to learn how?

With processes that have been refined over a decade, you'll leave with a flourishing business that matches the lifestyle you want. P.S. You'll be able to do all of the above while loving and succeeding in the market you're in. 

the resources, confidence,
and thriving business await

An online course specifically designed with the Midwest photographer in mind - created to give you the tools to market towards the Midwest client, run your business, surge your bottom line, and be confident in the front AND backend of your business - so you can be the successful and confident Midwest business owner you've always dreamed of. 

one-time plan


normally $1297

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monthly plan


11 installments of

normally 11 payments of $118

you can watch this at any time

Life is busy right now- we get it. This course can be accessed anywhere, anytime. It's completely self-paced meaning you have full control as to how you absorb it's contents. Binge watch in one sitting or watch bit by bit all year round (also heck yes replays are allowed). 

monthly plan


11 installments of

normally 11 payments of $97

hybrid course-only option

facebook group & 8 weekly support calls 

facebook group & 8 weekly support calls 

course deets: 

8 modules of videos
worksheets, checklists & spreadsheets for optimized training & growth
a two hour bonus posing course for weddings & sessions
weekly facebook lives in the private facebook group (non-hybrid)
30-day money back guarantee*

i'm ready! 

you shouldn't have to do this alone.

Entrepreneurship can get lonely and community and accountability can be the ticket to a successful business and happy mind. We wanted this course to be interactive and foster new relationships, even with the online platform. The facebook group & 8 weekly mid-day support calls will give you resources that can help you out with the most unique business hurdles, offer encouragement, and even make a few friends. 

you're a midwest photographer who is craving success and market knowledge 

the perfect fit if...

you want to be a more confident business owner

you feel like you’ve been doing it all but still aren’t seeing the results

you're itching to move forward. you've worked hard to build this business. now it's time to refine it. 

Whew, where can I begin with talking about this course? How do you begin to describe one of the best investments you could make for your business? I came across this course because  This course is everything a photographer of any skill level needs. They cover every topic with depth, realness, and a little bit of humor too. They make the topics very easy to listen to, which I think is something I haven't found in other education courses. The day I started implementing the things I was learning in the course, my business caught sparks and blew up in the best ways. I was seeing consistent and solid inquiries, my booking percentage went up, and I was feeling so much more confident in my pricing after a significant price increase, thanks to the help of Morgan + Meg. I have seen more consistency in my business in all aspects, and I'm reaching goals that seemed unattainable for the longest time. I am even able to check off the goal that seemed the furthest away: moving to a new city and new market. 

Megan and Morgan are a dynamic duo with industry knowledge from years of experience, a spirit for sharing what they've learned, and a way of empowering all of their students to be the best they can be. I wouldn't be the photographer I am without the incredible ones that have paved the way. Midwest is Best is the BEST, and I mean the BEST, investment you can make as a photographer. 

"The day I started implementing the things I was learning in the course, my business caught sparks and blew up in the best ways."



i need this to be me

"This is just a side-gig" 
"I don't want to work a ton" 
"I have bigger dreams than where I'm at" 

our businesses are vastly different from each others - what matters most is the success it brings our lives individually. Just because your business doesn't look like ours doesn't mean this isn't for you. 

raising a child + a thriving business
a decade in the industry
boppin' all over michigan, illinois, and indiana
boutique wedding photographer with an impeccable client experience
love for all things on the water +  balanced life schedule 

high-volume wedding extraordinaire
team of associates
10 years in the industry with
almost half as a 6 figure business
Dual market with Chicago & Indiana
30+ vacation days a year + lake life in the summer 







midwest market & values

pricing & inquiry

mentality & off season

social media 

education that's adaptable to the business you want. it's time to break the mold. 

We've broken down our processes and strategies into eight, self-paced modules that you can watch slowly or binge-watch in a day. 

First we'll educate you about your market, your client, and get your mind right. We'll build your confidence with pricing your services, client interaction + posing and then we will dive deep into websites, copy, and all the nitty gritty of running a business (money talks and taxes included).

You'll leave the course prepared to tackle the Midwest market in all it's glory and define what success means for your life. 





branding & website

copy & emails

nitty gritty

vs. life


enroll now! 

-Understand that the Midwest client + market are a special force - and use that knowledge to succeed and profit. 
-Strategies for getting the Midwesterner to invest and be forever loyal clients (aka that positive word of mouth).
-Crafting your buyer's persona so you can connect with the Midwest audience. 

module 1 / the midwest market

-Learn different booking & communication methods
-Discounts, booking rate, pricing guide, and strategies to raise prices 
-How to learn your cost of doing business so you price yourself correctly and increase that bottom line

-Conquer Instagram envy, fight location privilege, and grow confidence so you can take pride in your market
-Tactics for dealing with weather, mixed light, and all the crazy environments the Midwest throws at you
-Specific strategies for off season so your business is growing all the time, intentional moments of rest included

-How to utilize different aspects of social media as tools that drives your needle forward 
-Create a solid foundation for merging your personality with your work
-Prioritize a good headspace and boundaries to make sure your life comes first

-Discuss the power of human connection and benefits of a strong personal brand 
-How to create a dynamic, sales driven website 
-What to avoid when making your website + writing copy 

-Transform your business by infusing your personality into your words 
-Ditch the stuffy copy and sound like a human
-Utilize the power of templates to streamline communication & improve your client experience

-We’re digging into it all. Our most used camera, posing and composition tips so you can refine your craft. 
-Our favorite approaches for professional etiquette and getting into the wedding industry
 -Formulas for productivity, backups, money and more

-Key elements of running a high or low volume businesses & determining what fits you specifically
-Our go-to approaches for outsourcing, session scheduling and shaping your business around the life you want
-Conquer burnout, time management and a create margin for flexibility

course extras: 

worksheets, checklists & spreadsheets for optimized training & growth
a two hour posing for weddings & sessions workshop
weekly facebook lives in the private facebook group
30-day money back guarantee*

There's a lot here, so a "summary" is a little long-winded. We spent a whole dang year making this so detailed and perfect for you

the course at a glance

module 2 / pricing & inquiry

module 3 / mentality & off-season

module 4 / social media

module 5 / website

module 6 / copy

module 7 / nitty gritty

module 8 / business vs. life

We didn't want to leave you with just tools for the business side. We made sure to cover how we operate a wedding day, pose a variety of couples, tackle unique scnearios and work that harsh light, all while showing your our favorite go-to poses. 

bonus module / 2-hour posing workshop

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Just because it's a self-paced course doesn't mean you aren't going to be supported. An exclusive Facebook group just for students so you can connect with other Midwest photographers and have us by your side for Q&A sessions, extra training and as your support system while you navigate this new chapter of your business. 

We'll be checking into this group weekly for eight weeks after the course opens, meaning you get an intimate group setting and mentorship to make the MOST of your investment and course. 


I highly recommend Midwest Is Best to everyone I know! I spent many years undervaluing my work, frustrated with not being able to find my personal brand, countless hours of research of how to better my business but always ended up in confusion & wasted so much money.

They covered EVERYTHING it takes to manage a business, whether you’re a photographer or not: how to start, how to gain experience, how to sound like a human & get the clients you want, how to even plan a productive day while still being able to spend time with family & friends, etc!

Midwest Is Best gave me the knowledge & the confidence to take my business to a whole ’nother level, helped me establish my business as a LLC, how to actually pay myself, & build better client relationships! It was worth every single penny & every single sweat & tears to get to where I’ve always wanted to be!”

"After taking the course & using everything i learned from them, the inquiries & payments came flooding in, even from outside of the state!"


midwest guarantee 

*You get immediate access to the full course upon enrollment. If 30 days passes by, you've watched all the videos, implemented the tools & aren't confident it's what you need to grow your business - enter our 30 day return policy where we'll refund your investment

Let's do this!

This is a big investment of your time, money, and business so ASK away. We've both invested in education before and have left feeling underwhelmed. We've also left feeling like we're on cloud 9 and can take on the world/our business. We want the latter for you. So ask the questions and make sure this is the most perfect fit possible. 

we know you have q's 

Will I have lifetime access to my classes?

Do I even have time for this? Is it self paced? 

I’m new to business. Is that okay? 

What if I have questions? Is there support?

Will this course teach me how to use my camera? 

Is this only for wedding photographers?

Heck yes, once you’re in you will be able to rewatch as many times as you’d like! Any future course updates are also included. 

This is a totally self paced course! Whether you watch it in one day Netflix style or wait until this winter- you do you. 

Absolutely! Our course is designed for photographers of all experience, skill levels, and niches. 

Yes! If you select the non-hybrid course option, we will have an active Facebook group available for questions, free live training, an 8 week weekly check in post course launch (with recordings provided), and to facilitate community for our students!

This program focuses on the business end, along with posing/favorite gear but not technical use of gear. If you need any great recommendations we’re happy to share them!

Absolutely not! While we both come from a wedding background and use examples from our experience this is for any kind photographer. 

Course is OPE'n!

This course sale is only open for one week. After that it will be bumped up to the OG price and the community will be removed. You want this now! 

enroll me now!